Relational Databases

Table Basics

SQL helps you connect to tables. So what a table? Most tables that you will be dealing with in WordPress or other websites will be relational. Relational databases and system containĀ one or more tables, which are a type of object. The information or data for the database is stored in these tables. Tables are identified by their names and each tables name must be unique. Each table is composed of rows and columns. Columns contain the column name, data type, and any other attributes related to the column. Rows contain the data with one record per row.

Here is a sample table called “movies.”

Movie, Year, and Rating are the columns. The rows contain the data for this table:

A Christmas Carol20095
A Christmas Carol19517
The Muppet Christmas Carol199210
Mickey's Christmas Carol19839
A Christmas Carol19143

Relational Databases

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